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The institution wants to utilise the expertise and services of the former students and faculty. Member of the Alumni Association visit the college now and then whenever they have leisure. When such members visit the college, the administration sometimes arranges interaction with the students and faculty. In their informal talks with the faculty and the Principal, the members of the Alumni suggest many things on the development of the college. Some offer gifts to college in memory of their kith and kin. Whenever any old student visits the college, the institution makes enquiries about his friends and their progress and if needed the institution never hesitates to use their expertise by inviting them to give guest lecturers or opinions and suggestions on the development of the college. The institution never hesitates to utilize the service of the former faculty. They are invited to give guest lectures, conduct seminars or judge when any student activity is going on. They are invited for the Annual Day function. The former faculty too on their part never hesitated to extend their service to the institution. Dr. K.Raghu Ram, ShriK.Sivaji Reddy, Sri GV Narasimham who retired as Principals and ShriS.Madhusudana Rao, former PD, and members of the former faculty like SarvashriM.Koti Reddy, MastanVali,  J.V.Ramana Rao, D.Jayachandra Rao, Smt.M.Suseela Devi, D.Viswanatham, A.V.Narasimha Rao etc. visit the college now and then. Some of them made liberal donations to the college in kind. The college never forgets the imprints they made.









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